YPI's Legendary Summer Music Camp 2017

Looking for the next generation of legendary Bay Area musicians!

The YPI Legendary Summer Music Camps 2017 are held at:

River School, 3880 Cypress Drive, Petaluma CA 949454

on June 5-9, 1-4 pm for ages 5-11
June 26-30, 1-4 pm for ages 5-11 (4 spots left!)

Fee $300

Marin Lutheran Church
649 Meadowsweet
Corte Madera, CA 94939

July 31-Aug 4, 10am-3pm, for ages 5-15.

Fee $500

At camp, your young musician will learn to jam competently with confidence in a real band regardless of their skill level. Even beginners can learn to play piano, guitar, bass, or drums because of YPI’s 3/1 student/teacher ratio. YPI also helps young musicians improve microphone technique, understand music theory through cool and original games, and make new friends in our inclusive, community-building environment.

YPI also offers internships during camp for teens who are proficient in vocals or instruments. The first year of interning, there is a fee for intern training; the second year, interns teach for free, and the third year, interns are paid!

YPI offers generous financial aid for low-income and learning-different students. Please go to:

http://www.youngperformersintl.org/enrollmentforms/YPI-FinancialAidApplication.pdf for more information.

YPI is a community of learners, each operating at their peak potential, to create together a truly astonishing All-Camp Concert on the final day. No matter what your child’s age, he or she will be an integral part of the band, and the YPI concert experience.

For any questions, concerns, or application forms please contact Leela Pratt at younperformersintl@gmail.com or 415.420.2960.

Ages: 5-14
Prerequisite: none
Instructors: Leela Pratt

Music For Little Ones

This is a sweet, student-centered class for babies 3 months to 3 years. We sing, dance, play fun music theory games, use drums and hand percussion and learn through eurythmic, imitation and interactive play. Best of all we get time in the YPI Jazz/Rock Band Studio with a full drum kit, bass and electric guitar, piano and microphone!

MUSIC MAKES YOU SMARTER! A recent Harvard University study proves that the sooner your child starts music lessons, the further ahead they will be when they get to their freshman year in college. Music develops patterns for logic, mathematics, language development as well as cooperation, focus and an increased capacity for joy.

Classes are held in Southern Marin County at your home with your individual mother's group. Class location can rotate through this group or meet at one location. Classes are scheduled according to your needs.

Fee: $25/half hour class.

For more information, please contact Leela at 415 420 2960 or youngperformersintl@gmail.com.

Ages: 3 Months-3 Years
Instructors: Leela Pratt

YPI Performing Chorus

This class is open to all students who love to perform! No prerequisite other than a desire to sing and make music. Students are encouraged to experiment with instruments such as guitar, ukelele, piano and percussion instruments IN CLASS to accompany the group. We dance, too! This is MUSIC FOR THE FUN OF IT!

Currently on Summer Hiatus, please contact Leela at 415.420.2960 or youngperformersintl@gmail.com for information on Fall Schedule.

Ages: 5-11
Prerequisite: A passion to perform!
Instructors: Leela Pratt

YPI Jazz Rock Band

Open to all instruments and all skill levels, including absolute beginners. YPI strongly recommends that students ALSO take individual instruction on their instrument, but this is not a requirement. Play Ray Charles, The Beatles, Black-Eyed Peas, Green Day and original music.

Bands meet in Tiburon, Oakland, Larkspur and Petaluma.

Fee is $50/hour band rehearsal.

Contact Leela for information about openings in existing bands, or how to organize a band around your student, at 415 420 2960 or youngperformersintl@gmail.com

Ages: 4-90
Prerequisite: Passion for music!
Instructors: Leela Pratt, Harry Gold, Jeremy Lyon, Bryan Dyer

Individual Lessons

Year round individual and small group lessons in piano, voice, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, uke, trumpet and other instruments.

Fee at your home: $125/hour or $75/half hour
Fee at our studios in Larkspur, Petaluma and Oakland: $100/hr or $50/half hour.

We also offer 20 minute individual lessons for talented young musicians ages 2 and 3. Fee is $55/20 minutes in your home or $30 at our studios.

Contact Leela at 415.420.2960 or youngperformersintl@gmail.com for more info.

Ages: All ages, infant to adult
Prerequisite: none
Instructors: Jeremy Lyon, Bryan Dyer, Leela Pratt, Harry Gold